Praia Health Presents Nothing But Opportunity for Developers

by Robin Monks, Executive Vice President of Technology

“Health care is slow.”

“It’s a technology laggard.”

“It’s not a very innovative category.”

“Technology innovation in health care is expensive.”

These are all tropes heard many times. And in many cases, they are true.

That’s also exactly why I was excited to help lead the charge at Praia Health.  Health care is an industry ripe for innovation; and Praia Health is removing several of the development friction points - enabling it to be one of the most exciting opportunities for a technologist.

It’s an opportunity to apply proven technology to health care.

Without the Praia Health platform technology teams must use proprietary permissions through Epic or another EMR. With Praia Health, developers have penID Connect out of the box, enabling single sign-on to health system experiences which not only eases the way for consumers but allows health systems to shape their own dynamic branded experiences.

Now, not only can health systems deliver a more fluid and personalized logged-in experience - with a person’s name, PCP, geography, and more right on the home page, they can also tailor the information on that page by gender, age, and content interactions.

These approaches have radically changed how people can interact with nearly every other consumer brand –  from shopping on Amazon to managing their financial health through their FI. By applying open standards for login authentication, we’re making building those same kinds of experiences a reality for digital health companies and health systems.

It’s an opportunity to deliver greater access control, with greater relevance.

Delivering personalized information requires identity and authorization. But today in health care that authorization must be “all or none.” Though FHIR allows for the exchange of electronic health care data, utilizing it also means accepting the rule that “you’re sharing all your records for a year” to the end recipient – even if all they need is one specific piece of that record.

Through one single sign-on, Praia Health allows you to define which applications and fields of data an entity can access to deliver value. One application may need just email and name access, while another may also need your family history and/or a particular condition field. It’s a solution that enables the greatest relevance for both the consumer and the company – and improves security standards at the same time.

It’s an opportunity to make caring for your health intuitive and easy.

As a consumer, it often feels like no one can tell you what to do next in your health care journey. A provider may suggest talking to your insurance. Insurance needs you to have a referral from a different provider. The result is that people often give up. The process becomes too hard, and they feel unable to control their health journey.

The Praia Health platform is designed to make people feel as in control as they do when shopping online. With PersonStore, technology that enables the synchronization between the EMR and consumer data sources based on established business rules, data can be seamlessly written into a record and shared to create nudges that help move people along their health care journey. A diabetes management app can write into a record that a patient is late on their follow-up and the health system can see that. That information can be shared and trigger a digital update reminding them they need to book an appointment and make that happen within one experience.

As a consumer, you not only have access to all of the information you need to be in control of your journey, but Praia Health can guide you along the way.

It’s an opportunity to innovate, rather than re-engineer.

Every health system is different, which means every technology solution must be custom. That means every solution presents new security and compliance risks. Every solution requires immense amounts of data that needs to be retained. Every solution requires long timelines and often unmanageable costs. Every solution ends up being built over again for every system.

That “custom” approach to digital innovation is not only costly for a health system in both time and money, but it’s also draining on an engineering team.

The Praia Health platform can “turn partners on” nearly instantaneously. It’s able to integrate into health systems seamlessly and bring digital health partners along through a low-code solution. That means engineering and development teams can spend more time innovating new ways of delivering value through their solutions rather than re-engineering the same one.

It’s an opportunity to build business, and a better world.

Health systems have notoriously spent money trying to make improvements that don’t work. Praia Health offers the opportunity to create change. Yes, Praia Health can make health care more profitable and more engaging. But in a day and age where people want meaning from their work, Praia Health enables technologists to focus their energies in ways that can create a better and healthier world for all.

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