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Creating a Digital Flywheel

While a proven strategic approach in other consumer-facing industries, getting a ‘digital flywheel’ effect going in a health system has been essentially impossible—primarily because of the legacy architecture and closed-system constraints of a health system’s data landscape. Because of this, health system digital experiences have been limited to a patient’s medical interaction alone, which is an issue considering 80-90% of health outcomes are dependent upon factors outside of the medical encounter.

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Four Steps to Digital Transformation

Praia Health is designed to solve these complex barriers to digital transformation. There are four essential technology components required for success:

  1. Move from EMR Identity to Consumer Identity

  2. Marry Consumer Identity with Consumer Data

  3. Put ‘owned’ identity-driven digital experiences front and center

  4. Feed experience with health ecosystem solutions and partners

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Secure Patient Identity (SPI)

The first step in implementation is a ‘lift and shift’ to Praia Health’s Secure Patient Identity Service—or SPI. Once transitioned, SPI seamlessly supports all of the system’s signed-in digital experiences including branded mobile and web apps, patient portal apps, and internally-created to third-party applications. SPI is a modern identity access management system that has been proven for years within Providence. The service has a proven migration process that is relatively painless for health systems—and completely transparent to consumers.

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Praia Health’s PersonStore enables health system's to securely marry consumer identity with consumer data—from across the organization and beyond. PersonStore’s patent-pending technology securely manages the synchronization between the EMR and a health systems’ consumer data sources adding a new security layer to the consumer data stack. PersonStore creates and maintains robust profiles that connect-the-dots between an individual’s health data and their consumer data, and enables the creation of business rules that cross disparate data sources.

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Identity-Driven Experiences

Praia Health’s SPI and PersonStore capabilities lay the groundwork for a new class of digital experiences that reflect the health system's unique brand and offerings. Through the platform's development tools, a health system’s app development team or development partners can integrate Praia Health into existing consumer-facing web or mobile apps, quickly build new, template-based iOS and Android apps, and quickly create signed-in web experiences. Praia Health-driven experiences are personalized at an individual level and enable a new channel to health system patients.

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Ecosystem & Solutions

Once a health system’s consumer experiences are available, the digital flywheel is fueled by adding new capabilities and solutions to the platform ecosystem. The platform makes it possible to deliver all of a health system’s consumer solutions into a single experience, in a highly scalable way. This ecosystem approach enables teams across the organization to deliver their programs and services to just those individuals who qualify and will benefit from them, driving awareness and engagement.

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Transitioning to Praia

To get started with Praia Health, a health system starts with transitioning their identity service and then expands from there, implementing their most relevant use cases based upon the unique priorities, challenges and transformation goals of the organization. The digital flywheel is fed with each new use case-driving program utilization and engagement, operational efficiencies, incremental and affiliated revenue and patient retention—all through unique, consumer-facing digital experiences.

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