Driving Health System Transformation through Digital

Praia Health is a modern, consumer platform for health systems that revolutionizes the delivery of individualized health solutions at scale, enabling health system transformation through digital.

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Platform Overview

The Praia Health Consumer Platform takes a health system's services, programs, initiatives, and resources—from across the organization—and systematically delivers them to the right health consumers at the right time, based upon their unique best practices, protocols and preferences—dynamically adjusting the consumer experience based upon everything that is known.

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For Health Systems, Praia Health enables:

The delivery of identity-driven digital experiences that attract, retain and delight health consumers
A ‘digital flywheel’ that algorithmically drives engagement and removes workforce burden
Digital support for the full consumer health ecosystem—across the system and through outside partners


Press Release
June 18, 2024

Praia Health Announces Partnership with CLEAR to Enhance Healthcare Identity Verification

New collaboration streamlines verification of logged-in users, enabling more individualized consumer engagements from health systems

First Digital Flywheel for Health Systems

The concept of a digital flywheel has become essential to other consumer-facing industries, enabling organizations to engage and re-engage their consumers algorithmically, in highly personalized ways. Praia Health is the first to adopt this proven flywheel thinking for health systems.

How it Works
Praia Health will enable us to remove the traditional barriers to patient care by personalizing individuals’ health journeys and seamlessly connecting them to the right services, products and resources—in an automated way. Praia Health is a game-changer, enabling us to better serve our patients, our partners, and our caregivers through digital transformation.”
Patrick McGill, M.D.
EVP and Chief Transformation Officer
Community Health Network
Praia Health plays a pivotal role in enhancing our digital capabilities to better serve our patients, our caregivers and our partners.”
Rod Hochman, M.D.
President and CEO
With Praia Health we’re finally able to deliver services, programs and resources to individual health consumers at scale. Prior to Praia, we implemented maybe two or three consumer-facing solutions a year. Our 2024 target is 40 solutions—all of which will be algorithmically delivered through our logged-in digital experiences to the specific individuals who will benefit.”
Andy Chu
SVP, Product and Technology Incubation
Providence Digital Innovation Group

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The Praia Health Consumer Platform launched within Providence in January 2022. It currently supports more than three million user accounts, delivering over $20 million in measurable value back to the organization in the 2022 calendar year alone.

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