The Praia Health™ Consumer Platform

A Revolutionary, New Consumer Platform for Healthcare


Praia Health’s Identity Services manage the health system’s transition from a clinically-based identity system to a consumer identity service, and then securely marries and manages the connection between consumer solutions and the EMR.

Create and manage robust consumer profiles that extend beyond the medical record–combining data and preferences across the consumer’s health ecosystem and enabling individualized recommendations.

Secure patient identity (SPI) Services

Account creation, identity verification and management that is independent from, yet integrated with EMR accounts and patient records.

  • Patent-pending technology securely manages all interaction with the EMR
  • Supports logged-in experiences for health consumers with or without EMR transactions
  • Three account types: Basic, EMR Linked, and EMR Authorized

ECOsystem-wide single sign on (SSO)

Standard federation/SSO services for all applications in the consumer health ecosystem.

  • Same login credential used across all services (vs applications)
  • Supports internal services, partner offerings and/or third-party solutions
  • Enables robust experiences that extend beyond the clinical record


Syncs your consumer/patient data between data stores (EMR, CRM, CDP) and apps, building a 360-degree view of your health consumers.

  • Low-latency service helps automate and populate outreach, store patient preferences and track attributes
  • Combine profile information with business rules to identify and recommend high-value transactions, services, and programs for each individual


Our Praia Health Platform API enables consumer solutions to be incorporated into the health system’s own mobile, web and call center logged-in experiences, without the heavy lift of EMR integration.

Identity Management

Praia Health is ready to implement with any standards-compliant OpenID Connect 2.0 (OIDC) or OAuth 2.0 login request. Many libraries exist for accepting these connections, and many hosted solutions (such as those offered by Azure, AWS, Oracle, Okta, and Auth0) natively support these protocols.

Personalization Services

Once a login has been established, the login session information can be used to access the Praia Health personalization service, PersonStore. PersonStore enables secure access, storage and retrieval of consumer data with days of development effort instead of weeks.


Our API Developer Guide enables developers to get set up, dive into the details, and explore the operations and endpoints of our OpenAPI. If you’re a developer looking to explore our API documentation, make a request here.


Our ecosystem capabilities offer low-code EMR connectivity, dramatically speeding solution deployment. Cross-solution SSO streamlines the consumer experience, enabling systems to fully leverage existing investments & take advantage of evolving market innovation.

Internally Built Solutions

Incorporate your existing products, services and resources into your logged-in digital experiences in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional approaches.

Marketplace of Ecosystem Partners

We have dozens of third-party digital health solutions already on the platform to make solution delivery fast and easy for your health system.

Join Our Ecosystem

Looking to expand the reach of your digital health solution to health systems? Find out more about how to join our Ecosystem Partner Program.

Analytics & Insight

The platform is tooled for analytics, offering new high value consumer insight, extending visibility across clinical, operational, and programmatic boundaries—beyond the EMR.

Service & Support

Our enterprise-level services guide your implementation, identity migration and ongoing support needs.