Live at ViVE: The Power of AI: Driving Efficiency and Opportunity in Healthcare

Healthcare's slow pace of change is often hindered by inertia and the reluctance to be the first to adopt new solutions.

In this episode, Justin Dearborn, CEO of Praia Health, discusses the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in healthcare, emphasizing the importance of overcoming inertia and capitalizing on advancements like AI. He explains how Praia Health aims to enhance patient engagement by offering a unified platform for digital interactions with healthcare providers and seeks to shift the focus from patient identity to customer identity, promoting holistic healthcare and preventive measures. Moreover, Justin addresses concerns about Praia Health's relationship with electronic medical records, highlighting their integration with systems like Epic's MyChart to enhance patient experiences. He also expresses optimism about the future of healthcare, driven by advancements in AI and digital solutions, while encouraging listeners to stay informed about the evolving landscape of healthcare technology.

Tune in and learn how Praia Health is revolutionizing patient engagement and promoting inclusive healthcare practices!

About Justin Dearborn

Justin Dearborn is a seasoned executive with a proven track record of leadership in the healthcare and technology sectors. Currently serving as the CEO of Praia Health, based in the Greater Chicago Area, Justin brings extensive experience in driving innovation and strategic growth initiatives.

With a background in digital healthcare, Justin has been instrumental in the development and commercialization of cutting-edge solutions aimed at revolutionizing patient engagement and healthcare delivery. As the CEO of Praia Health, he leads the company in its mission to provide a unified platform for seamless patient interaction, leveraging his expertise to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and consumers.

Justin's commitment to advancing healthcare extends beyond his executive roles. He serves on the board of several prominent organizations, including Gateway Foundation, Exponential AI, and Curio Digital Therapeutics Inc., where he contributes his strategic insights and industry expertise.

Things You’ll Learn

  • Inertia and reluctance to be early adopters often hinder healthcare's rate of change.
  • Digital transformation presents numerous opportunities, particularly in AI-driven automation, enabling health systems to leverage previous investments effectively.
  • The pandemic both hindered attention to newer healthcare solutions and accelerated the adoption of digital health services, especially in underserved or rural communities.
  • Transitioning from patient to consumer identity facilitates a proactive healthcare approach, emphasizing preventive care and holistic wellness.
  • Progress in digital health can enhance healthcare accessibility and equity, providing significant benefits to traditionally underserved communities.